Glad to see you here!
The paintings that are hung on these virtual walls, range from completed work, to works-in-progress. The works-in-progress, remind me of a painterly version of editing. Perhaps this is because the process of completing a painting is, to me, very much like proof reading and copy editing. As with writing, I enjoy pushing the paint and composition toward one direction, only to reel it back in again. Come to think of it, maybe it's more like fly fishing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Land Never Sleeps
Central Valley, California
Plein Air Oil on Panel    8"x16"  Sold

The concept of “Pathways”, takes me back to the very site at which I painted “Land Never Sleeps”. 

I have always been very much inspired by the Central Valley. The terrain can be unyielding and unforgiving, and appears to be ever ready to ‘push back’, if one has a mind to drop a tractor blade into the soil of this region. This terrain bestows a kind of heroism, upon those people who have worked this land, for what is suggested to be, thousands of years. And I am humbled, by the effort required to carve out perfectly sculpted paths and roads, that lead to the bounty of the Central Valley.

The larger network of dirt roads, that transect large farms with paved highways and out-buildings, has a mass and complexity on a grand scale.  From a hillside view, a pattern begins to emerge; one that looks to be an ancient petroglyph, that goes on for miles in either direction.  Communicating to all who sees, that we exist - and the land is alive! 

As I set up my pochade box, and followed the rows of crops and dirt roads, I marveled at how farmers never seemed to be the ones that get lost. A few of these well-worn paths, disappeared into a shaded tractor bay. Other roads, seemed to go on forever. As I painted, I imagined that some of these paths and roads, have been etched, allowed to go fallow, and then re-shaped, over intervals of time and perhaps, civilizations.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Path to Hot Tin Roof
Road 200 - O'Neals, California
Plein Air  Oil on Panel   9"x12"

Monday, October 15, 2012

Old Road to Auberry
Plein Air Oil on Panel   8"x10"  sold

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kadota Figs and Jar
OIl on Panel   8"x8"    Sold

Cat House
Pagh Family Barn - Road 221
Plein Air Oil on Canvas Panel   9"x12"

Pomegranates from Juliana & Evo Bluestein's Garden
Oil on Canvas Panel     9"x12"

Slice of Heaven
Oil on Stretched Canvas   8"x8"