The paintings that are hung on these virtual walls, range from completed work, to works-in-progress. The process is a bit like fly fishing, as I work to push the paint and composition toward an abstract direction - only to reel it back in again, to find the sweet spot for detail and clarity.

Places, Tools & Findings

Links to my favorite places, tools, and findings...


The Strada Mini Travel easel, is quite possibly the best, indestructable, bullet-proof, fall-off-the-cliff into rocks (and survive) easel. 

The Strada Easels, designed by oil painter, Bryan Mark Taylor, are clearly a 'next generation' of plein air painting gear. The exterior of these two easels, is streamlined - without knobs, brass thumb screws, sliding hinge brackets, and spring clamps, that tend to 'hang up' on your duffle bag or back-pack. Makes for easy plein air packing and set-up.

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