The paintings that are hung on these virtual walls, range from completed work, to works-in-progress. The process is a bit like fly fishing, as I work to push the paint and composition toward an abstract direction - only to reel it back in again, to find the sweet spot for detail and clarity.

Cow Study - Betty Girl

It was time to set aside our paint gear, and get a number or "ranch tasks" completed before this round of weather cells arrive. Before we tackled the obligatory shovel work and straw bale on a few of the ranch roads, we made sure the girls were well fed. As always, Betty and Eleanor like a little one-on-one time. They are such good girls. Betty likes to look intently into your eyes, with her big brown eyes. The herd at this part of the ranch is down to 25, including that weird black steer. Some of you know the back-story on this steer. We think it is the result of the neighbor's Dexter bull, when he tore up the fence and made a run for the girls last year. We finally found him hangin' out down by the creek, with the "girls". Most of the girls are easily twice his size, so I didn't think his romantic overtures would amount to much. Wrong ;-) Yea, that dang steer looks like a
miniature Dexter/Angus cross. Best regards to my painter/rancher friends.