The paintings that are hung on these virtual walls, range from completed work, to works-in-progress. The process is a bit like fly fishing, as I work to push the paint and composition toward an abstract direction - only to reel it back in again, to find the sweet spot for detail and clarity.

At the 'haul out'...

Stella in Sunlight
9" x 12"   Oil on Panel

The 'haul out', is kind of a beauty salon for boats. Big, small, power & sail. There was even a little electric Duffy in for a wax.  The three boats in this painting, are sitting exactly as they were in the yard, as if they were ladies, sitting under the hair dryers in an old fashioned beauty salon. Their glory days may look to be 'behind them'... However, the guys at this haul out yard, are masters in restoration.

One of the photos, as I looked for a safe place, from which I could paint, and not be in the way. It was definitely a challenge, to wedge myself in between this power boat & scaffolding, so that I could paint the three "ladies" above.  While I was painting, an electric Duffy, was hauled out on that motorized ramp, that is to the right of that very large power boat (below).  Very cool set up.