The paintings that are hung on these virtual walls, range from completed work, to works-in-progress. The process is a bit like fly fishing, as I work to push the paint and composition toward an abstract direction - only to reel it back in again, to find the sweet spot for detail and clarity.

California Beach Day! - a work in progress

We had a wonderful day, painting at the beach today! Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA) had a paint-out/demo in Laguna, and from there, we meandered up the coast highway, toward more big blue and sand.
Today's painting needs to set up overnight; and I will return tomorrow, and lay in the detail and make my final corrections. The photo above, shows the underpainting stage. Need to figure out a rig that will allow us to work longer in the sun. Thank you very much, to the people who took the time to stop by my easel, and say hello. I really appreciate your enthusiasm! I am working up a few pieces that may be of interest to one of you in particular. I'll leave my email address at the bottom of this post, just in case. Thank you again, Holly, for stopping by. I'll get to work on a few small paintings, of those very special locations that you mentioned. Will email you when photos are ready to be posted here. My best regards to all of you, and hope you have a "picture-perfect" vacation this week.

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