The paintings that are hung on these virtual walls, range from completed work, to works-in-progress. The process is a bit like fly fishing, as I work to push the paint and composition toward an abstract direction - only to reel it back in again, to find the sweet spot for detail and clarity.

Della Pittura (The Art of Painting)

John Goodman's extraordinary translation of "The Origin of Perspective", by Hubert Damisch, suggests that the study and application of perspective, is as much a language, as it is - a technique. And as such, deserves lengthy discourse, argument, and theoretical musing. This book's references to Florentine classic texts of the 15th century, remind me that the art of painting, is about our personal journey as an artist, and not simply the laying on of paint.

And it is within this context of perspective (my own, and that which is channeled by author John Goodman), that I introduce you to Carol Black's work.

Carol has breathed life into the concept of one's art, being a process. She has distilled the "essential oil", that is required to grease this process-machinery. And that is, our art/artwork is indeed a personal journey, and moreover, it is often a communal journey.

The intervals of time between our artistic/professional/spiritual epiphanies, may be 25 years, or merely the moments in between brush strokes; when it seems as though life is hanging in the balance, until you move the brush from palette to canvas.
In my previous mindset, this suggestion of "journey" or a personal evolution, conjured up an image of myself, sitting mouth agape, and forcing a singular (rare) moment of reflection. And in this moment of rest, I allow my eyes to meander along the receding squares of the stone floor; where they come to rest at the edge of a worn Tabriz rug. And I pronounce that I am no closer to understanding the "then and now" construct of my life.

So..about one's personal journey...
Carol reflected on the passage of time, when she realized that she was was painting one of the Crystal Cove bungalows that she had painted 24 years ago. A lot has changed. I looked at the cliffs that form the backdrop of the cove, and mused over how it was difficult to see what has changed, until you see how time has etched into the rocky outcroppings. It suggested to me that our journey as an artist, is much like the lithology in the cliffs that guard the shoreline of Crystal Cove.

We will surely experience a time of swiftly moving water, when the corresponding strata of sediment and organic material is thin and friable. And in contrast, there are periods of time when our journey slows down enough, that a well-defined strata begins to take shape. It is clearly visable from all the other aspects in one's life. One can see the twists and turns, as we meander around one of life's geological uplifts and fault lines.

At times, my evolution as an artist, seems more like one rather long, run-on sentence. However, without intending to do so, Carol has shared her understanding of life perspective - and the fine art of inserting the language that lends structure and meaning to this long horizon line that is our path, as we evolve over time.

I am publishing these personal thoughts on the matter of one's personal journey, because I would like the photos of Carol's paintings to stand - without commentary. The work should be allowed to have enough room around it, such that it creates its own source of sunlight, and basks in its own cool shadows. Much like how you might place a cache pot of sunflowers in the center of a table in the garden - away from all the low slung branches of the olive tree and the hiss of the sprinkler heads. And it becomes the garden's bel canto performance.

Check back today, and I will have Carol Black's work for you to see.
Brava, Carol!

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